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22/04 EARTH DAY, World Earth Day

EARTH DAY: Estabilished in 1970 to raise awareness of the need to conserve natural resources that asks us to stop climate change.

Ecological Transition Plan

The ecological transition is an increasingly debated issue, a theme that often turns out divisive between those who feel the urgency of concrete and immediate actions to protect the atmosphere and those who fear that these actions can have heavy effects on the economy and the society as we know it.

Jam to squeere

Simple and traditional new form of an innovative bottle, very practical and easy to use. Confortable, hygienic and never breaks and reusable.

Flaconi per marmellata in plastica

Our new Shop Online

We revolutionize the way you buy containers and jars. The new Sintek online store offers a wide selection of high quality products.

Climate change pills

The watchword that the IPCC has given us is Decarbonize reduce climate-altering gas emissions and return to balance by achieving “carbon neutrality”.

Climate change pills

That it is the anthropogenic emissions of climate-altering gases that have broken the climate balance of our planet.

Climate change pills

COP27 the annual conference that brings together almost all the nations in the world, to talk about climate change and try to find solutions.