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We can make all our containers using up to 100% recycled plastic

Recycled and bioplastic plastic containers, bottles and jars

Sintek Eco Green, let’s give plastic a better future!

Always sensitive to ecological issues, today more than ever we are in the field of environmental protection, investing in new technologies that allow us to produce articles in recycled plastic up to 100%.

Packaging suitable to contain food and cosmetics always beautiful and practical, but now also eco-sustainable!

Ecogreen is a new philosophy, a new concept in the use of plastic materials.

The circular economy is a new way of looking at products and disposal services and aims to replicate the life cycle of nature: an economic model based on the reuse of materials in subsequent production cycles, reducing waste to the minimum

We are convinced that the total elimination of plastics from our model of economic and social development is, in addition to a utopian project, a process that is not functional to the aim of pollution reduction. We firmly believe that only the reduction of waste, the use of regenerated plastic containers from post-consumption and the conscious use of them can represent a decisive contribution to the sustainability of our planet.

That’s why in 2020 we started a plan to adapt our company by introducing a modern plant for the production of recycled plastic containers. At the same time we have expanded the offer of alternative containers to plastic in materials such as bioplastics, aluminum, natural glass, both amber and violet.

We are committed every day to spreading the culture of conscious consumption, a new circular economic system based on the extension of the life cycle of products for the reduction of waste and generation of new value of waste.

Using recycled plastic is an ecological and safe solution

With specific technologies and new systems for the treatment of industrial and post-consumer waste, it is now possible to regenerate many plastics. The plastic materials thus treated are generally granulated and can enter the production cycle of Sintek plastic containers with percentages up to 100%.

The technology used in our plants allows the creation of a multilayer material in which the regenerated plastic is in the middle and is totally covered by an internal layer (also suitable for food contact) and an external one to guarantee maximum safety.

Bio-Plastic Containers

An Active Contribution to Improving the environmental footprint

Sintek uses bioplastics derived from renewable sources (sugar cane) instead of fossil sources (petroleum) and that behaves like a normal HDPE. This material is not biodegradable but transforms and recycles as a conventional plastic and is suitable for the production of plastic containers by extrusion or molding. This extraordinary bioplastic, due to its derivation from vegetable biomass, has a reduced environmental impact compared to conventional polyethylene:

For each kg of product, 3.09 kg of CO2 is captured, which is the equivalent of travelling 70 km by high-speed train (elaboration on Ecoinvent database, 2020)

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