Each container, a unique and inimitable shape.

All our bottles and jars are the result of efficient working processes that guarantee absolute quality. A way of working typical of the best Italian entrepreneurship, which makes our country always at the top of world excellence.

Sintek believes in and continuously invests in innovation and training, paying attention to the relational, cognitive, managerial and emotional areas, to build a wealth of skills useful to achieve a level of quality and performance in line with the highest expectations.

Every plastic or glass container marketed by Sintek comes from a careful selection of suppliers and materials, all strictly Italian or European. For Sintek, quality is a serious matter and must be protected in every aspect.

Our HDPELDPEPP bottles and jars and PET bottles are all produced in Italy within our company, the former with exclusively Italian plants and the latter with an Italian-Spanish plant.

The PET jars we distribute are produced in Europe.
We carefully select our Italian suppliers, but when this is not possible, we use exclusively European suppliers.

The high quality of the raw materials used and careful control of all the processing stages are the fundamental factors that allow us to produce packaging that are absolutely suitable for their use.
Our quality control is carried out at various stages so the final product is always perfect. Our quality system ensures the suitability of incoming goods, production steps, container size and colour parameters.
All to give you the security of a container of exceptional quality!

Our product lines

Our imagination and creativity have developed bottles and jars from the most eccentric to the most traditional shapes.
White and neutral packaging are always in stock, ready to be customised by screen printing, pad printing and labelling.

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Sintek’s imagination gives rise to lines of bottles and jars that are always available and ready to be customised by screen-printing, pad printing and labelling.


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