Our product lines

Our imagination and creativity have developed bottles and jars from the most eccentric to the most traditional shapes.
White and neutral packaging are always in stock, ready to be customised by screen printing, pad printing and labelling.

Contenitori in plastica linea SK

SK Line

A myriad of cylindrical bottles in classical shapes, but not too many. Shapes that do not fade with the passage of time.

Contenitori in plastica linea ONE'S

ONE’S Line

Welcome to the ONE’S world! Here you will find containers of unmistakable and stunning design.

Contenitori in plastica linea Classic


The Classic line includes a wide range of jars made ​​from PE, PP, SOFT-TOUCH and, of course, PET!

Contenitori in plastica linea East

EAST! Line

The latest clean and essential shapes are emerging. The EAST Line…stirring up new emotions with simple forms!

Contenitori in plastica linea Bubble


A new and exciting line is being launched mainly dedicated to the food branch.

Contenitori in plastica linea Flat


Jars and bottles for cosmetics and food contact available for instant delivery!

Contenitori in plastica linea Airless


The AIRLESS Line keeps intact all the quality of your product.

Contenitori in plastica linea Pills


Pill jar guarantees the inviolability of your product!

Contenitori in plastica linea Vitrum


The elegance of glass expressed in different shapes, all suitable for food and cosmetic contact!

Accessori e tappi


Caps, lids, plugs, dispensers, sprayers, tops, bottoms, many shapes, many colors, infinite uses.

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Sintek’s imagination gives rise to lines of bottles and jars that are always available and ready to be customised by screen-printing, pad printing and labelling.


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Bottles and jars with food and cosmetic suitability that are always beautiful, elegant and practical, but now also perfectly sustainable!