Climate change pills

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These days there is a lot of talk about COP27 or the annual conference that brings together almost all the nations in the world, under the aegis of the UN, to talk about climate change and try to find common solutions. πŸ”

🌑   The increase in global average temperatures has been scientific evidence for decades, but it is only in recent years that it is becoming tangible and measurable also from the common experience of each of us.

This is because we are fast approaching the threshold of +1.5 C Β°, a limit that the great of the world had given themselves in the now outdated Paris Agreements. β›”

βž• 1,5 CΒ° may seem little, but we must think that it is an increase in global average temperature, sufficient to break the delicate balances that regulate our planet. Such increases have occurred many times on earth, but with timeframes of thousands and thousands of years, thus giving time to the planet and its ecosystems to readjust by finding a new balance. 🌳

What is happening today is, instead, a practically instantaneous increase in temperature compared to normal geological times; So it is not only the magnitude of the temperature variation that is worrying, but it is also the speed with which that change is occurring that is problematic for our planet. 🌎

But what are the causes and, above all, how is it possible to stop climate change?

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