SK Line

Shapes that do not fade with the passage of time

A myriad of cylindrical bottles in classical shapes, but not too many. Shapes that do not fade with the passage of time. Diverse fixtures, twists, sprayers, dispensers and numerous effects: silk, velvet, and lacquer. The SK line is produced in PE, PP and SOFT-TOUCH. There are ample opportunities for customization in the body, dress, adhesive labels, sleeves and serigraphy of the product. All the bottles are available for prompt delivery in the various whites and neutrals.

Containers and measures

Our product lines

Plastic and glass bottles and jars, for every packaging need!


Thanks to our creativity we are able to endow a normal plastic containerwith harmony, combining design and technology in every object we produce. All born from an idea, a creative intuition - an ideal concept that slowly takes shape and transforms itself into a reality, acquiring a truly spectacular three-dimensionality.